Bad blogger ...

So, when I started this thing, I seriously thought that I was gonna be all cool girl and blog all the time about the funny things my girls are doing, as well as posting fun layouts, photos, giveaways, etc. Fast forward to now - 5 months later ...Yikes! I hope to be better, but I'm making no promises. *wink*

So, I have a funny from yesterday. This is the conversation that Sophia, Isabella and I had ...

The TV channel that was on had an emergency broadcast system test .........

Sophia (will be 3 next month): "Mommy, is this is a test?"
Me: "Yes"
Isabella (5yrs): "Yes. It's so that we know when a twizzler is coming."

I couldn't correct her because it was so stinkin' cute!

Isabella just had her preschool graduation a few weeks ago. How adorable are the little people in their grad caps and tassles?!!! Mr. C and I took the littles to the drop-in daycare and had the afternoon all to ourselves with our *graduate*. After the ceremony, the three of us went to lunch and then to the playground with all of her friends. Isabella, at one point in the afternoon, looked at me and said "I can't believe I have you and daddy all to myself today!" Oy. These kids just tug at your heartstrings, no?! We had a lovely afternoon!

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